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Deliciously doughy buns

New brand at The Bureau alert. Been waiting for this drop since it was teased on the store’s Instagram. Nicholas Daley is the brand. The fabric is cross-weave Irish linen. The vibe is “multicultural essence of the British identity“. Which in layman’s terms means a short sleeved, collarless top with a jumbo ass-flap.


The professional term is “dropped rear hem“. But just look at that thing. It’s hella huge. It’s basically a built-in buttock curtain. And just to be clear, I’m fully down with it.

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Many’s the time I’ve felt I’m showing just a smidgen too much ass. It’s a problem for a man like me. Showing off my perfect pair of supple apples every day sometimes gets passersby a little worked up. I get glances. I can feel the heat of desire. I expect you feel much the same.


£305 to relieve the pressure of always being on show, seems reasonable to me. I’m all about the simple hook and eye fastening and the addition of the patch pockets too. And the whole range is designed and manufactured in the UK; it fits into the current roster at The Bureau fantastically.


Course, you might not agree, you might not feel this is for you. In which case I can only assume you enjoy showcasing your posterior to all and sundry. You must get some diabolical pleasure walking around giving everyone a full view of your deliciously doughy buns. You disgust me.

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