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Engineered Garments Fall 17 lookbook

The first Engineered Garments drop of SS 17 hasn’t even hit The Bureau, and already we’ve got the brand’s Fall 17 lookbook to idolise. Unsurprisingly, we see an audacious approach to laying, workwear staples, charcoal patch-working, argyle patterning and hats capacious enough to fit the Easter Island statues. More interesting are the surprises…


You can’t miss the shimmery satin type fabric used for a pair of gargantuan trousers (of the type usually seen in a Needles collection) and a coat. There are a number of highly textured jackets and trousers in what appears to be a wool bouclĂ©. The Baker jacket specifically seems to be rendered in a number of thick, knobbly fabrics – the petrol blue number looks savage. And look out for the jacket seemingly cut from the sofa in Abigail’s Party; only for the headstrong. Some shots seem to suggest a slightly fuller trouser, although that may just be some outsize styling. Overall, plenty to get hyped for.

engineered-garments-fall-2017-lookbook-greys-2 engineered-garments-fall-2017-lookbook-greys-18 engineered-garments-fall-2017-lookbook-greys-11 engineered-garments-fall-2017-lookbook-greys-17 engineered-garments-fall-2017-lookbook-greys-10 engineered-garments-fall-2017-lookbook-greys-9 engineered-garments-fall-2017-lookbook-greys-16 engineered-garments-fall-2017-lookbook-greys-8 engineered-garments-fall-2017-lookbook-greys-7 engineered-garments-fall-2017-lookbook-greys-6 engineered-garments-fall-2017-lookbook-dark-grey-and-grey engineered-garments-fall-2017-lookbook-greys-15 engineered-garments-fall-2017-lookbook-greys-5 engineered-garments-fall-2017-lookbook-greys-14 engineered-garments-fall-2017-lookbook-greys-13 engineered-garments-fall-2017-lookbook-greys-4 engineered-garments-fall-2017-lookbook-greys-3

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