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Steadily degrading versions of equivalence

As a tactic for appearing smart (when you’ve actually got a head full of ping-pong balls) repetitively making the same point using different words is perhaps the most common. I overheard this from a bloke in a cafe yesterday:

It’s like, it’s like gambling right. I can see, if you think about it, it’s like, sooooo addictive. Like, it just grabs hold of you right? It’s like, it gets a hold of you yeah and you just get this hunger to carry on, like, you just want to carry on doing it, like, gambling, I mean, you just get this need right, this need to keep on gambling yeah, like totally additive…

Observing this clown’s wild gesticulations, as he yapped away, made me wonder if his own fizzing enthusiasm blinded him to the fact that he had nothing of worth to say? No point to make. Just a human xerox machine, yawping out steadily degrading versions of equivalence.

Anyway. Here’s a blazer.

It’s by The Gigi, a side label by renowned Italian fashion house Boglioli. Personally, I think this is just a beautiful thing.


It’s peacockery no doubt. Walloping peacockery. And its natural habitat? Draped over the shoulders of a Marcello Mastroianni type, squinting into the sun, smoking a cigarette, in a gondola. Although, in fairness, I don’t think you need to be a dead Italian actor to pull this off. I could see it tossed over some denim, accessorised with a pint of IPA and a bin of Kettle Chips.

gi-gi-navy-beige-stripe-jacket-d4 gi-gi-navy-beige-stripe-jacket-d3 gi-gi-navy-beige-stripe-jacket gi-gi-navy-beige-stripe-jacket-d1

You can grab this over at Present assuming you’ve got a spare 565 coins. Expensive, certainly. But as I have already said using different words, I just think this is a really lovely thing. It’s like, a thing of beauty, I mean, you know what I mean. It’s beautiful right…?

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