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The lingerie of a man

So this is interesting. Burly outdoorsman brand South2 West8 have knocked out something which wouldn’t look out of place in Janis Joplin’s laundry basket. Positively inebriated by colour, this “bush shirt” represents a truly alarming collision between mesh fabric and illegal hallucinogens. This is some over 21 shit right here.

south-002As much as it looks like Andy Warhol’s toilet seat cover, it does apparently have some practical applications. Indeed, it is “breathable“, and according to retailer Digital Mountain, it acts as an “insect repellent“. Not sure something hasn’t been lost in translation there? Insect resistant perhaps, but ‘insect repellent’? Unless wasps are especially averse to the work of Jefferson Airplane, I don’t see how.


None of which address the fact that this thing is see-though; it’s basically man-lingerie. Sure, it’s styled over a T-shirt here, but, well… maybe it shouldn’t be? Perhaps you’re supposed to wear it to bed? Maybe it’s meant to be flirtatious? Maybe your partner would enjoy the site of you in this, sucking in your tummy, as you paw your way seductively up the duvet?

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