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Hender Scheme on a budget

So, this is a bargain for those of you wanting to rock Hender Scheme without dropping your life on a pair of natural leather sneakers. The astute will have noticed it’s a rucksack. So as well keeping your financials in check, you’ll stand apart from the sneakerheads tiptoeing about trying to avoid getting their delicate kicks puddle-fucked.

bag-003It’s nylon, but with a detachable leather pouch. A neat idea I think, assuming someone couldn’t just run past, tear off your pouch and make good with your tablet, lighter and rouge. I’m guessing not as it appears to be attached by a whopping-ass zip. I think, judging by some rudimentary Google Translating, that the pouch is also prevented from swinging about the place by a magnet.

bag-2-001And the best thing? it’ll only run you around 200 quid. That’s not a big drop to add Hender Scheme to your armoury. Alternatively, just keep refreshing this page and hope that one day the kicks are reduced to complement your economic status.

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