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Nuclear inconvenience

It’s conceivable that swagging a tool harness is not in your list of new year’s resolutions. I’m not entirely sure it’s in mine. All my tools come from Khan’s Bargains in Peckham and on the odd occasion I’ve used them the handles fall off.

Anyway, back to this harness thing… And thinking about it, living under the shadow of a tango-faced simpleton losing his shit over a tweet and unleashing nuclear inconvenience on the globe, a survival bag like this might prove useful.


It’s made from sturdy canvas, comes in one adjustable size and can simply be worn over a shirt, or sweat or expanded to fit over heavier outerwear. I dare say those huge pockets could store all manner of survival equipment – a compass, a bucket hat (for keeping annoying fallout off your hair) and perhaps a hammer for murdering your neighbour over a Heinz breakfast in a can.


I’m not sure how important it is for your post-apocalypse luggage to be by Japanese style lords Needles? Still, I expect passers by will nod appreciatively at your fine taste, even as their irradiated lungs slowly fill with blood.

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