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Globally warmed anus

What you’re looking at here is called the Multi Purpose shirt. And judging by those pockets, it would appear its ‘purpose’ is to transport an entire Crayola colouring set. For me, the sheer number of pockets, married with their seemingly abstract layout, strikes a transparently ‘designery’ note. There’s a deliberateness to this that’s (arguably) as memorable as it is nonsensical. Would I wear it? Fuck yeah.

st90258-1-img_1200-438789001 st90258-2-img_1200-2060662434

It’s a product of the current Katherine E Hamnett x YMC team-up – those with a knowledge of Hamnett’s success during the 80s will recognise the drapey, flowing signature. Cut long at the back, it would lend itself brilliantly to layering, dangling from under a lightweight blazer or gilet say.

st90258-3-img_1200-1072769446 st90258-4-img_1200-1597746266

As is historically typical of Hamnett’s wares, it’s 100% organic cotton and uses environmentally friendly dyes, so you can console yourself that you’re doing your own microscopic bit, even as the rest of the planet seems determined to tear itself a new globally warmed anus.

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