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Appropriate for precisely -99.9999% of social functions

We last checked in with Japan’s Black Weirdos back in May. Then we were looking at flowers, now it’s tie dye. One glance at this lavender paint bombing will have many clicking away and I get that. It’s a shrill piece. However, tame this thing beneath some simple, crisp navy coating and I think we’re in business. A business beyond straight fire;  we’re talking thermo-fucking-nuclear fusion brah.

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Only the most hypey hype beast would drop this as an outer layer. It’s got Japanese writing and a neon ‘ACID’ on the back. Appropriate for precisely -99.9999% of social functions. No, I’d simplify my rig-out, get some simple navy trousers, a navy overcoat, or loose blazer and maybe some plain white kicks in the mix. Then I’d stick my hands in my trouser pockets revealing just enough lilac splash to suggest that yes, that’s a bong in my pocket and I’m not afraid to use it.

I notice Dover Street Market have started stocking a few Black Weirdos tees, but as far as I know, to get the brand’s full MDMA addled collection you’ll have to point your browser Japanways.

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