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The answer would be ‘ghhhhhuh’

I wonder if Japanese makers Mountain Research understand the western connotations of calling something the ‘Phisherman’s Tail Jacket’? Is this a coat for use by internet scam artists? Something to keep them cosy perhaps, as they attempt to relive you of your banking login via a crudely photoshopped ‘official’ email?


Probably not.

What is crystal clear though is that this is a jacket created specifically for guys who’ll never be able to afford it. That it’s a beautiful thing is not in question. That it costs 1145 quid, is grammatically not a question. In fact, there are no questions. But if there were? The answer would be ‘ghhhhhuh’.


A guttural, depressed sigh. It’s the noise you make when you realise that no matter how hard you work, no matter how much you try and save, you’ll never own this coat. Traffic lights against you – ‘ghhhhhuh’. Cafe just stopped serving breakfast – ‘ghhhhhuh’. Blood flecks in your dung – ‘ghhhhhuh’. Life really is this balls. You might as well give up and go live in a hut made of sun-dried dirt. Seriously. You might as well.

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Not that it matters much… but this is a wool coat with a pale blue vest attached inside. There’s velcro, patch pockets, flap pockets and according to retailer The Bureau it features a, “3 button front.” A lot of detail basically. It’s lovely. It’s also obviously totally unaffordable. So what’s the point? Not much really, other than it actually features a four button front. Ha. Check out the pic above, see. So Bureau guys, I may not be able to afford it, but at least I can count to four.

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  1. While I feel not the slightest twinge of “must have”, I do wonder how they can possibly justify a price that high. Something similar from, say, Universal Works, would be a quarter of the price.

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