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Assuming you’ve got a 700 quid surplus

As is observable over at retailer Oki-Ni, there’s something of the Timberland about these giant Ganryu creepers. There are the hexagon eyelets and the two-tone lacing, and that cushiony shade of yellow of course. Thing is, they come in a deep red too. I know, I seen them in Dover Street. And as much as the yellow ones are indeed savage, the red ones are legendary. Haven’t got any pics of the red though. Blame Dover’s ‘no pics’ policy. Still, we’ve got these yellow ones, assuming you’ve got a 700 quid surplus.

401715-02_high 401715-06_high

In real life these things feel heavy. But you’ve got to love that sole. The design decision to make the sole just the wrong side of regular-thick, means, the wearer is certainly making some sort of statement, but not one I feel that places them in the spotlight of ‘look at me’ avant gardism. I’m not sure what statement wearing shoes with a chunkier than expected sole is making? But I’m sure I like it.

401715-03_high 401715-04_high

Cowhide upper, as you’d expect, a touch of contrast stitching around the welt and that’s about it. I’d team these with wide, rolled up trousers, no socks and perhaps a wideish necked, long sleeved number from a brand like Meanwhile. A look illustrating my preferred brand position, inhabiting the hinterland between aggressive intellectual and vaudevillian jester.

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