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The result is haunting

Anyone remember Farahs? The hopsack trousers beloved of the 80s casual community? Well, these gardening style trousers are basically Farahs via the scrambled eggheads over at Japanese design house Meanswhile. Basically this is the same kind of abrasive, hardwearing cotton/poly which so effectively complimented a pair of Diadora Venice, a Kappa knit and a Kajagoogoo soundtrack. But cut-wise we’re in a different era, and that tonal variation? The most desirable madness I’ve seen in time.


These things double down on the pocketing, giving onboard utility of inner pockets and an extra set of wrap-around pockets. Those wrap-arounds, and a rear panel are given a kind of low-fat Junya treatment, rendered in a lighter petrol blue. The result is haunting. But in a good way.


While cropped, they do come up slightly longer than previous seasons. My advice? Size up and wear them as loose as you dare. No question, these are unusual. One leg in a Streetsounds Electro compilation, the other in the apparent Eastern design philosophy of ‘just make it different from before‘. In my view, magnificent.


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