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Haigh Ashbury having a prolapse

After a period of time that seems quite long, but probably actually isn’t, the East London menswearmen at Present appear to have woken up. They’ve been hyping William Fox and Sons, Gant Rugger and Ark Air for so long, a number of my clothsman associates had totally written the store off. Piles of hobo upcycling by Proposition and that dreary range of predominately black shirts and jackets (featuring  velcro badges and epaulettes no less) by Blackyoto, signalled a store that had lost its way – to my coterie of amateur observers at least. Anyway, I glanced at their e-store yesterday and it seems Present are back in the game.


Propping up their brand list now you’ll find Sempach, who offer updates of Swiss military garms, Gramicci, specialists in US outdoorsy wear, and Tender, a UK brand who’s crinkly, woad-dyed wares are already familiar to clothing enthusiasts. I’m particularly pleased to see Rough & Tumble though. I like the fact that this Nepenthes sub-brand is making in-roads into more smaller UK retailers. This shirt is something of an event.


Like Haigh Ashbury having a prolapse, this experiential piece is clearly for those of a stern constitution. The kind of shirt the phrase, “not for everyone”, was invented for. That said, I do hope Present continue to keep their eye fully on the game. And by that I mean, get your prices in order dudes, Rough & Tumble might be new to you guys, but it’s already on sale over at Garbstore.


Either way, as far as this shirt goes, I’m about this life. It is after all a niche brand with an even more niche appeal. It’s a piece for other like-minded bros to silently check out and nod at. Just expect virtually everyone else to find it at best reckless, and at worst pedophilically revolving.

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