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Ideal for theatrical Miami-based police informants

In advance of The Bureau going on sale (when is that by the way?) there’s plenty of discounted SS16 Engineered Garments going on elsewhere in the landscape digitalis. This piece seems to have gone fairly unrecognised this season and it’s easy to see why. It’s design may be drawn from a WWII, M1941 Field Jacket, but it’ also got a  bit of  1980’s bolero blazer about it. A rarified look to be sure. And one associated primarily with Nick (Duran) Rhodes and most of Crocket and Tubbs’ theatrical informants. Not, it should be pointed out, currently huge influences on menswear’s inspirational vista.

Engineered-Garments-M41-Jacket-Washer-Twill-Dark-Navy-7_2048x2048 Engineered-Garments-M41-Jacket-Washer-Twill-Dark-Navy-9_2048x2048 Engineered-Garments-M41-Jacket-Washer-Twill-Dark-Navy-6_2048x2048

That all said, I kind of like it. Not the way this guy’s wearing it. He should go a size or two up in my view. Give the cuffs a couple of turns and bust it more slouchy – you’d have to keep it loose to act as a counterpoint for that more formal lapel arrangement.


Got to say, the pictures don’t do this thing justice. Look at the back view. Done up all tight like that is pushing all sorts of Michael Jackson shoulder silhouette and that waist… Outside of a Cameo reunion, theres no place for it. But as I say, size up and I think it’s pulloffable. I haven’t tried this on though, so I’m really just guessing. As is too frequently the case, I’m not really selling this am I?


  1. Mr Brown

    I hope this isn’t the future.
    At least I’ll have something to moan about if it is.

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