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Full price nonsense

With the sales at full throttle, I thought the most useful thing I could do would be to pick out a few really top pieces at reduced prices. You know, to provide some real benefit by spotlighting the best bargains out there right now. Then I thought fuck it, I’ll just write some nonsense about this full price shirt that no one is going to buy.


This ‘Cohiba’ shirt is by Deluxe has recently dropped over at Haven. Deluxe isn’t a brand I particularly ‘follow’, but this piece, with its four pockets (reminiscent of recent Engineered Garments and Rough & Tumble offerings) stuck out. I like the inclusion of blazing white buttons on the pockets (rather than the simple patch pockets often offered) and the pleat detail running back and front is mad staunch.

Deluxe-Cohiba-Shirt-Navy-7_2048x2048 Deluxe-Cohiba-Shirt-Navy-1_2048x2048

The Cuban vibe is apparently, “updated in a slim fit“, which I’m not so mad on. And the zipper? Not sure, one detail too far? I’m on the fence. The view is good up here. You think about that while I bugger off to crush the sales.

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