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Wear oven gloves

Okay, this is one for the headstrong. Full-power stylin’, with no quarter expected nor given. It’s a shirt, certainly. But check the apron accoutrementing on this monster. Yes, that is happening; a full apron swaddling your front. But what if I told you that thing unlaces and you can wear it on the back? What if I told you that? Has your mind has just dribbled out your ears like so much mixed fruit smoothie?

Look at the next image. I was telling the truth, this madness rolls both front and back ways.


It’s another piece from the Itten range (or perhaps more accurately Thoroughly Denim by Itten) either way, it’s heat piece, wear oven gloves. The shirt proper fields a breast pocket, and when worn frontways, the apron has a couple of patch pockets too. But you know it’s not really about that, it’s about walking around with a laced up apron on your shirt. A move suggestive of a fundamental appreciation of Japanese menswear and nuclear level self-confidence.

itten_amb3 itten_amb5 itten_amb7 itten_amb4 itten_amb8

In my view there’s an enjoyable utilitarianism to some clothes and then there’s wanging about looking like the owner of an organic butchers. Busting this up front, might be a bit much for me, I’d throw the flap to the back and let it brush my buttocks like a sexually deviant manager. On the level though, wear the flap on the back and throw a loose blazer over the shirt; well done you’ve entered the realm of next level layering. You are simultaneously both a enviable dude, and power-ridiculous.


  1. At some very strange level this is very cool, though I agree it might be tough to pull off. Oddly reminiscent of a straight-jacket, which surely says something about something else.

  2. Mr Brown

    Proper punk vibes.
    Glue optional.
    DM’s not required.
    Probably best to have a nice sensible haircut tho.
    Not sure about tartan strides either.
    Which isn’t very punk I know.
    That said, original statement stands.

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