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The precise moment of mild surprise

If I was the kind of cultural peon who gushed the phrase, “oh my days” in the event of mild surprise, I’d probably say it now. I haven’t though. In fact, even at the precise moment of mild surprise, when I first saw this new Engineered Garments jacket on The Bureau, all I did was frown a bit and make a quiet noise a bit like, “mhhhhff…” I mean, it’s a nice jacket no question. But the thing is, I rarely announce surprise. In truth, nothing much surprises me these days. Except the amount of simpletons saying, “oh my days“.

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Grouchy, out-of-touch grumblings aside, this is a significant jacket. Cut in Nyco Poplin, it boasts a colossal ten pockets, a fact that, while verging on the ludicrous, is hardly atypical for EG. However, four of those things are on the back. Usually I get weirded out when there’s one inaccessible pocket on the reverse of a coat – this thing’s got four. Four opportunities for people to ask, “what the hell you gonna put in there?” And four opportunities for me to monotone back, “I have no idea”.

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Also aboard there’s a two-way zip (for rocking it Ice Cube style) a storm flap, press studs amundo and couple of drawcords for even more stylistic manipulation. I do like the asymmetrical collar on this too. Sure you could stud it back into a symmetrical position, but why would you? I’d let it hang. It’s kind of odd looking. Even mildly surprising.

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  1. Mr Brown

    Those triple press studded pockets will satisfy even the most paranoid wearer.

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