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The challenge of orSlow

Among the spring drops at Alpha Shadows there’s some more kit from the perpetually popular orSlow. Capable of producing simple, easy workwear garments (all be they beautifully crafted) the brand always mixes in some more challenging pieces too. Last winter this long-line cardie/jacket stood out, while this season their denim mix shirts, jackets and shorts are murderising.


I’d go with the shirt. The jacket is a bit ‘sensational’ and the shorts, well, maybe I’d do the shorts. But the shirt, just hanging out over some wide trousers, with pair of sunglasses and an expression like you’ve just stamped on a cat – mad strong.


And the bonus is… You could go and grab this over at #menswear automoton End for 225 coins. Or, why not take your business to Alpha Shadows for a mere 217. You can’t do much with eight quid I grant you. But then you can do more with it than no quid.

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