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Cartoon TVs on the blink

Buh-bum, buh-bum… Is this blazer representing the perpetual 4/4 house music heartbeat of life? Or just what TVs in cartoons look like when they’re on the blink? Not sure. Don’t care. Statement blazers are the move. And I don’t think they have to make you look effete: dressing a bold blazer down is the key. Avoid getting all up in your loafers and red socks with them at all costs, you may be mistaken for an off duty finance bro. And no, that’s not a good thing.


This is another piece from the Garbstore in-house design continuum. Their vibe is “unfamiliar vintage” – in other words, ideas from the past re-jigged in modern fabrics and finishes. I don’t think a couple of hundred for a stand-out like this is asking too much? There’s that Japanese indigo fabric going on, some nice internal seam taping and removable ring-backed buttons (like EG use on their Bedford blazers).

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Perhaps unsurprisingly, you see dudes in this type of wear around Garbstore’s west London environs. But, in typical west London fashion, there’s often driving shoes, no socks, sweaters slung over shoulders and quiffs in the mix. Feels too preened for me. This blazer looks best on the unshaven. Roughly turned-up denims, bit of an un-ironed shirt going on, perhaps a rucksack slung over the back. The key to wearing this kind of piece is to make it look as casual and unconsidered as possible. Like you just happened to throw it all on. Right down to your studiously disheveled Novestas.

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