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Not quite honest enough

I suppose the new year lazy has to come to an end, so here’s the first post of 2016 –  it’s a jacket, it’s green, it’s available to buy from a US shop that means us Britishists will have to stomach ruthless import duty. And the irony is, it’s made in the UK. Welcome back to dumb-ass clothing decisions.


That said, this is kind of weird. It’s corduroy with a flowery print. I’m making a lazy leap and assuming that the Yarmo manufacturer of the garms is this Yarmo. A vigorously unfashionable looking industrial workwear factory.  And according to Union Made the retailer, it’s designed in Japan – hence the interesting fabric I guess. Assuming I’ve got the right Yarmo, I guess that accounts for the low price point too. It’s only a couple of hundred dollars. So like, a ton and a bit in real money.


My girl dislikes this jacket. I mean, she really hates it. I disagree. I think it’s suitably unusual to warrant an investment. I just like the flowers. It reflects my desire to become a softer, more compassionate me in the new year. A me that’s more thoughtful, giving and honest. But not quite honest enough to tell my missus I’ve already ordered it.

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  1. I like that, a lot. What’s not to like about about corduroy and flowers? I strongly suspect my wife would dislike it as well though. Haterz. If it’s made in the UK though you shouldn’t have to pay customs on it, only VAT. Of course, arguing that point may cost more energy than it’s worth.

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