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A long bamboo sword and a helmet like a toast rack

To give it its official title, this is the ‘Green Sanjuro Kimono Down Jacket’ by Visvim.  Military influenced, apparently. Which makes sense, because I can see a dude busting this with a long bamboo sword and one of those helmets like a toast rack. And it’d look really cool. Right up until the point the Police Support Unit wrestled him to the ground.


It’s Visvim, so you can anticipate a certain hostile level of pricing. But before we address that, check the deets (lazily cut-and-pasted from retailer The Bureau):

Naturally dyed Italian nylon with a white goose down fill, ribbed collar, 2 slanted snap button pockets, Talon zippered utility pocket on one sleeve, patch detailing on the placket and hand–stitched sashiko detailing on the hems…

You feeling all that? I am.

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I’m feeling it up to the point where I could drop, you know… tops 500 quid. I mean, it’s a Kimono jacket right. Not something you’re going to wear every day.


Turns out 500 quid won’t get you past the doorman with this thing. Hold your breath: we’re talking £1730. Feeling that?  Thought not. Well thank you for your business. Please come again.

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