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No offence to anyone that likes the rugby

I’m something of a fan of the whole gilet over blazers, gilets over longer shirts layering thing. But you do have to be careful you don’t end up looking like you like the rugby. Indeed just in general terms, in life, it’s probably better that you don’t look like you like the rugby. No offence to anyone that likes the rugby. I just don’t want to look like you.

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Within the gilet family, this Rocky Mountain Featherbed down vest is as far from being something-people-who-like-the-rugby-wear as it is possible to be. If I had to guess, I’d say the stands of //GOOGLE FAMOUS RUGBY VENUE IF I CAN BE BOTHERED// are probably chock-to-fuck with Ralph Lauren Polo, Barbour and Jack Wills. This is not that. This is made in Japan. It’s constructed from light, water resistant nylon and filled with 90% down and 10% feather. And not knowing that much about the world of feather to down ratio, I’m gonna assume that that’s good.

superdenimrockymountain150911img_0064-2_2 superdenimrockymountain150911img_0920_2 superdenimrockymountain150911img_0061-2_2

I just like that it’s a pop-over, but with the ability to snap open the right shoulder – this is apparently so you can take it off without removing your top coat. Personally, I’d rock this over the top of a blazer. I’d probably look 30% like a martian, and 70% like I’d escaped from an asylum. But crucially, 0% like I like the rugby.

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