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It’s good to be prepared

I’m not going to shut up about pleated trousers. In my view, they’re so the-only-way-to-wear-trousers-right-now, that I’m blind to any other styles of trousers. Pleated trousers, ARE trousers. Trousers have pleats. If yours don’t. You’re not wearing trousers.


OTHER/Shop’s in-house line pretty much owns the game and these are a good example. They’re double pleated (although they also do a treble) and if you give the hem a couple of turns, they’re about as on-point as trousers get right now. I mean, to be fair, the whole pleated thing has looked mad-fresh for time, but for some reason it hasn’t blown up as a mainstream ‘fad’ – for which I’m thankful.


If your pantaloon game is still locked into a flat fronted, slim cut, you should maybe give a fuller, pleated shape a go. Try some on.  Enjoy the capaciousness. Feel that airy, looseness. That extra space gives you room to move. Room to swing round and pull off a couple of Butterfly Twist Kicks when you’re jumped by members of a rival dojo. I’ll be honest, that doesn’t happen to me that often. But it’s good to be prepared.

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  1. james

    Never got with the flat front skinny kecks in the first place personally, just felt like a cornetto in them. There was a period where i thought id forever stand alone in the pleated pant, glad stuck with it.

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