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Two pointers on the latest Engineered Garments drop at The Bureau

If you read about EG, either here or elsewhere, want to get your game on, but find the price points a bit threatening, I’m here for you brah. There’s a couple of pieces in the latest drop over at The Bureau, that serve as perfectly reasonable entry level candidates. You know, ideal for Uniqlo Bro, who wants to up-label his look. The kind of guy that wants the chance to be able to finally say, “what this… oh yeah, cool right, it’s from… errrr, where did I grab this again? Oh yeah, ENGINEERED MOTHERFUCKING GARMENTS BRAH WHAAAATTTTT!


Firstly, this bucket hat. It’s increads. Look at the embroidery. Yes, I know it’s a ton for a hat. But seriously, do you want to be in the game or not? In fact, if I’m honest, I hope you haven’t got the wedge for this, because I want it. Forget I mentioned it. Sir will probably be more comfortable with my other pick anyway.

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This is a tote bag. Come on, I said entry level. But remember, it’s an Engineered Garments tote bag – very rare in the UK of Isles. And only 40 quids. It’s the same rip-stop camo fabric used in this season’s murderous parka, only it’s a bag. You should get one of these and carry it everywhere. And just hope people ask about it, rather than that shonky-ass H&M shirt you’re busting.

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