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Dead man’s coat

In this my last missive from Rome, I’d like to draw your attention to the Borghetto Flaminio Flea Sunday Market. If you are not planning a trip to Rome and have no intention of going to Rome, this post will still prove extremely rewarding. You’ll experience the sights and sounds and smells of the Borghetto Flaminio Flea Market – minus the the sounds and smells. I took some pictures, for this very purpose. The market has piles of glam vintage, labels that may or may not be the real thing and a bunch of antique sunglasses that definitely are the real thing. It’s not for everyone, but worth a look. I almost bought this suede bomber. They only wanted 30 Euros for it. I was on the fence, but I didn’t buy it. Fortunately I remembered that you don’t get to be a major player on the global menswear stage by wearing a dead man’s coat.

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