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12 instances of being urinated on

I suspect the amount of people that would recognise this as part of Kapital’s “Kountry” collection, as apposed to the fragrant garms of a professional vagabond, are few. It’s an  acquired taste. Like veal. Or depending on your perspective, piss. Personally, I’m a big fan of the Japanese Boro technique of relentless repairing and patching that results in this interbreeding of fabrics, stitching and wear. I would all sorts of wear this. It would complement my meths habit perfectly.

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I’m normally opposed to buying things that look ‘ready worn’. But in order to actually develop a jacket like this, you know, from scratch, would require more effort than I’m prepared to put in. You’d have to buy a denim jacket, then live in a box, for I’m guessing, around thirty five years. During that time, I’d predict 42 physical altercations with fellow hobos, 12 instances of being urinated on, two occasions where your shoes are stolen and 201,432 moments where you seriously question whether living in this way really justifies the ‘antiquing’ of a fashion garment.

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Of course you could just buy this one. You can grab it over at Union Made or from the Kapital store. The only problem? It costs 1090 quid. You know what, I reckon those 35 years would fly by.

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