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It’s Vatican not Vatican’t

Dunno if you’ve been to Rome? I mean, how could I? Anyway, I have. I went the other day. It’s quite churchy. There’s a lot of priesty-weasties strolling about. Some impressive interior decorating too. But not much by way of dudeshops. Don’t get me wrong, I looked everywhere. And to be fair, there’s loads of menswear – if gaudy polo shirts, tri-colour soled shoes and business shirts with duel collars are your thing, get packing pronto. But if you’re after an Oi Polloi or a Garbstore equivalent, you’re going to get your vestments in a twist. Gucci, Prada, Louis V and other cheeseball attire – check. Needles, OrSlow, EG – forgetaboutit. That said, I did find Slowear, Margiela and a few curious indies selling Comme, Yojhi and other Japanese bagginess.

Anyway, I was there, I took some pics. It looks rather a lot like this.

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