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The paranoid gynaecologist look

I sort of think this would make a bro look like a pharmacist. It’s got that pale blue thing and the straight hem. You’d look like a pill bottler, the kind of dude people have to awkwardly ask for a tube of Anusol. I don’t know if that’s a heat look or not? I mean, I guess, it’s a bit doctorly? Which’d suggest you’re a brainy-box. And ladies love a mad-mind on a bro. On the other hand, it might give you more of a creepy, ‘unnecessary examination’ vibe. Presumably not what most lasses are looking for in a romantic partner.





Assuming you’re the kind of dude confident enough to rock the paranoid gynaecologist look (See Cronenburg’s Dead Ringers for the definitive guide) this Norse Projects Heine End On End jacket could be for you. Featuring end-on-end cotton cloth (where the warp and weft threads are traditionally light and dark to create a feathered effect) it’s got a suitably fresh and clinical feel.





Three outside patch and one inside pocket provide enough room for your stethoscope and tweezers, while a hanging loop, under the collar at the back, provides a little modernist touch. It’s bold, no doubt, but a strong choice for the summer. Even if the extent of your medical learning is to prescribe three Zantac and a sausage sandwich after a night on the pops.

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