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Provoke a textbook example of barely concealed jealousy

I’m very much a ‘long-sleeved shirt with the sleeves rolled up’ dude during the summer months. I’ve never loved T-shirts. I crave an element of smartness in my fits. In three different ways, this Rulezpeeps number would fit the bill. How much do you want to know those three ways? Oh come on. Run with me on this thing. I do this blog for fun. So I’m told.

Reason number one:
It uses indigo dyed cotton. Now Japanese indigo dying is (irritatingly) having a fucking ‘moment’. And as a contraryist who can’t stand stuff that is popular, it shouldn’t be long before I’m saying indigo dying is balls and over and balls. As it stands, it’s still pretty fresh. Be careful of wearing a white T under this thing though, indigo rubs off when things get warm. There you go, one actual, useful fact.


Reason number two:
It’s got a dinky, weird, girlish collar. I like dinky, weird and girlish stuff in general, so I’m sold. It’s a typical Japanese stylistic trait that collar, all sort of blousey and Downton. I’d wear it while polishing my silver Han Solo in carbonite model.


Reason number three:
It’s by Rulezpeeps and as such, is a crazy-obscure brand over in the British Englands. So on the off chance that you meet a bro who actually knows what Rulezpeeps is, you’ll provoke a textbook example of barely concealed jealousy. Magnify your chances of that, but dropping the pocket flap and let that shining sun logo illuminate your new pal’s emerald face.

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