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Pressing ‘next’ on a Keynote

Check the underarm vents on this one. Stark, white, stitched circles – boldly advertising a hot hot heat from the pit. Thing is, I don’t really see the dude dropping 220 quid on this doing much under arm weeping. Does a guy in Japanese deadstock chambray go in for hard graft? Kind of think the most strenuous thing the wearer would get up to is pressing ‘next’ on a Keynote, while twizzling his beard.


Regardless of its heritage (made in Japan to the same specifications as original US garments dating back to 1919) I’m positive this Big Yank shirt can withstand the modern stresses and strains of pretending to work while updating your Tumblr and queuing for a Prawn tempura bento.

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According to The Bureau, it comes armed with “reinforced shoulders” and a pair of “front utility pockets.” I love how product descriptions toss in words like ‘utility’ with such abandon. I mean, ‘utility’ really just means ‘having a practical use’. Which could of course, equally apply to pockets on a 200 quid shirt or a two quid shirt.  Still, I suppose you’ve got to posh up the language if you’re selling the big ticket items. In which case, I’ll also point out that it also comes complete with a pair of ‘utility’ sleeves.

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