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On my fag break at the Happy Noodle

I expect, if you’ve just happened across this page, you’re now looking at this picture thinking, “that’s what’s been missing from my life.”

Yes brah. You need this denim Hong Kong Phooey shirt. You now realise you need a V-neck shirt, with weird unnecessary stitch detail and no visible method of fastening. I know, I know. I’m a fucking mind-reader.


This denim baboonery comes from the thinkings of Mr Christophe Lemaire, who is also apparently Creative Director at Hermès. I’m totally digging it. If only for the fact that I’m always getting invited to fancy dress parties themed around sushi chefs.

08.04.14_boy-346_copy_1 08.04.14_boy-353_copy_1 08.04.14_boy-344_copy_1 08.04.14_boy-349_copy_1

I admire the model’s simple, hands-by-sides stance. I admire it, but I couldn’t carry it off. He looks like a work of art. So very earnest. I wish this thing had some hand-warmer pockets. Wearing this, I’d feel like I was making such a statement, that I’d have to defuse the heat by sticking my hands in some pockets, you know, to try and casualise that shit. But as this doesn’t have suitable pocketing, I’d have to stick my hands in my trouser pockets. And then I’d just look like I was on my fag break at the Happy Noodle.

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