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The kind of steez DCI John Barnaby can only dream of

When you find yourself in a small, picturesque English village and someone murders the local vicar, beekeeper, or retired rock star, it’s your duty to get involved. The motive for the killing won’t be straight forward – there’ll be multiple suspects,  motives and alibis. So if you’re going to solve this shit – and as an occasional viewer of Morse, Broadchurch, Vera, Midsomer Murders, Heartbeat, Happy Valley and Inspector George Gently who’s more qualified? – you’re gonna need the right outfit. You’ll need this overcoat.


No one’s going to solve shit without a lightweight tan trench. This one from Thaddeus Oneil (who ironically sounds like an evil property developer from Midsomer) does the job. It’s smart enough to let you pass for a legit detective, while the storm hood brings the kind of street steez DCI John Barnaby can only dream of. Grab it at the all-mighty Gentry NYC.

GENTRY-NYC-TSS-Thaddeus-Hoodie-Trench-14005_grande GENTRY-NYC-TSS-Thaddeus-Hoodie-Trench-14014_grande GENTRY-NYC-TSS-Thaddeus-Hoodie-Trench-13994_grande GENTRY-NYC-TSS-Thaddeus-Hoodie-Trench-14008_grande

You might not want to button it right to the top like this guy. You’ll get mistaken for the murderer.

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