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The unfuckwithable is asking my wallet to dance

As the season rolls on I end up rewinding on stuff I’d previously dismissed. Shit I’d originally thought either straight-up wack, or just unfuckwithable, begins to get it’s hooks into me. This might be because I’m a fucking baby and basically I need to be thinking about buying new stuff all the time or I get all mopey and bored? Or it might be that I’m mentally playing catch up to great design and it’s just taken me a while to ‘get it’? If I’m honest, I think it’s the first one because I’m a ridiculous infantile malcontent. Either way, this questionable cuffed ‘pant’ is now asking my wallet to dance.


They’re Engineered Garments naturally and I’m sure I can roll with the press stud fastening and the reinforced knee detail. And while I don’t really wear cuffed bottoms right now, because this piece feels more ‘trouser’ than ‘sweatpant’, I can get into that too. I just wish they were a bit baggier. A smidge more capacious around the thigh and knee.

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What I’m inevitably going to do is drop on these and when they show up, convince myself they’re aces, rather than going through the sour-faced rigmarole of sending them back to The Bureau.

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In some respects 174 quid is quite a lot for a pair of trousers I may not be comfortable in. In all other respects that matter a fuck (namely I haven’t bought anything new for a while and I’m drooping around like a scowling flannel) they make total sense.

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