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If you’ve got ‘being executed by a Tudor king’ in your diary

It’s divisive, the Nehru collar. Some can’t even agree to call it a Nehru, preferring banded collar, mandarin or granddad. Thing is, all these styles are in the ballpark of being the same thing – a shirt without a collar, just a sticky-uppy collar stand.

Personally, I feel a bit exposed wearing one. You know, a bit throaty. I feel exactly like a giraffe, but without that whole ‘being a giraffe thing’ that frequently comes with being a giraffe.

Whatever you prefer to call the absence of the collar on this Mountain Research shirt, it’s definitely bringing some heat. I actually think, not having a regular collar makes it better, it’s like a blank canvas, allowing the other details to stand proud. Just look at this pocketing…


I’m all about those stacked, double chest pockets, but then look, they’ve only gone an added another buttoned orifice (I mean, I assume you can get into it?) above them. That’s triple pocketing. Fantastically pointless. Looks superb.


And if you’re wondering what that dangler is on the back? It’s Mountain Research’s brand thing. A long (I think) plastic, branded tag. On some of their garments there are multiple places it can be dangled. On this one, it’s only on the back, or, depending how you feel about overt branding, in the bin.


I’m loving the use of horizontal and vertical stripes, I’m loving the whole thing really, minus the 185 quid swing ticket. No question, it’s a full-power-purchase and one that would take some consideration. Still, if you’ve got ‘being executed by a Tudor king’ in your diary. At least the axe wouldn’t damage the shirt.

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