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Snapping open secondhand fags to make a rollie

The main reason to consider this garment is because it’s creased. It’s a blue mac, it’s got a tiny check pattern, but fundamentally it’s insanely crumpled. Not crumpled like you left it in a ball on the floor. This is artisanal crumpling. And by that I mean, it looks like you left it in a ball on the floor, but it costs 200 quid.


There are a couple of pockets, some underarm eyelets, all but one button is concealed and it’s 100% polyester (which I guess doesn’t sound all that artisanal). You can grab it over at Goodhood or YMC direct.

YMC_SS_15_9 YMC_SS_15_12 YMC_SS_15_10 YMC_SS_15_13

Basically, it’s a corrugated coat. And on a bro like our friend at the top of the post, it looks pretty fly. Godly. Or at least Jesusy, with that long hair going on. Which I guess would make him ‘creasified’ – for want of other space filling rubbish.


Anyway, in this he looks a bit unkept, but ultimately clean, arty and sort of Issey Miyake-ish. On me, I think I’d look like I should be snapping open secondhand fags to make a rollie. Still, it could be worth a couple of hundred to find out.

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