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Incursions into occupied nightlife

It’s good to see a devastation of patchwork like this from Beams +. I sometimes find the edits that find their way to these shores a bit too simple. Plain knits, plain shirts, plain blazers… beautifully made, no question. I just feel a bit numb to the déjà voodoo. On the other hand, this Action Man via quilting bee shenanigan is hella interesting in all the right ways.

25-02-2015_beamsplus_patchworkm65jacket_olivedrab_7 25-02-2015_beamsplus_patchworkm65jacket_olivedrab_1

Beams + rework the classic  M-65 military field jacket every season, but usually just in plains – red, yellow, blue, you know, colours. Coming correct with this mad paneling is a surefire way to provoke interest and pass the wearer off as a battered-ass veteran of numerous incursions into occupied nightlife.

25-02-2015_beamsplus_patchworkm65jacket_olivedrab_8 25-02-2015_beamsplus_patchworkm65jacket_olivedrab_3 25-02-2015_beamsplus_patchworkm65jacket_olivedrab_5 25-02-2015_beamsplus_patchworkm65jacket_olivedrab_6 25-02-2015_beamsplus_patchworkm65jacket_olivedrab_4

Four patch pockets, fold away hood, funnel collar… Yes breh, it’s got the necessary for some statement wear down the All Bar One – before you loudly try and convince your associates that All Bar One’s are shit and you should go to a squalid independent down the road, that offers unpronounceable cocktails, an exclusively bearded clientele and a deafening techno soundtrack. Living!

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