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Look, it’s just cos I’m revolving right…

I’d rather do a year in priz than a year in the army. No question, they’d use my ass like a parking garage. I’d get my snouts robbed and my mouth used for unsanitary practices. Still, at the end of my stretch, I’d come out alive. My fear of getting shot, blown up and generally killed to pieces outweighs a bit of ‘party time’ with the Daddy. Which makes my interest in military-style steez all the more perverse.

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I’ve been hankering after this Needles jacket for time. It’s from the Rebuild sub-line and is constructed from multiple, vintage, army jackets.


As far as convenient, UK based, online retailers go, it’s available at Garbstore and The Bureau. But Garbstore’s stubborn refusal to ever put it in the sale, ultimately led to me jumping on a discount over at The Bureau.

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It’s kind of an odd, slim cut and in an ideal world, I’d prefer an inch or so more room across the shoulders. But mine is a large and in all other respects it fits brilliantly. I guess it goes without saying, I’m double-down with the hodge-podge, miss-mash, jigsaw puzzle vibe. Flaps, folds, weird little pockets; it’s a Frankenstein of a thing. But I see it as pretty timeless and fully envisage still hanging out in this as a 65 year old, sipping rum with my pals, laughing about when all you had to do was grow a beard to look like a cooler version of yourself.

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The other notable item of newness in my garb are these Mainland boots. They’re called an Avocado Rough Out Suede Tussock Boot – grab ’em over at The Bureau again. We’re talking a bit of contrast stitching, six rows of brass eyelets, brown rope lace, a marvellous antique finished welt and a Vibram 2021 wedge sole.

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We’re also talking avocado. Which depending on your position is either interestingly unusual, or a hyper-wanky sartorial affectation.

I think we can all agree, it’s the latter.

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