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Sillage: the hardest of hardcore

Regular readers will know I’m all about that semi-smart jacket life. You know the sort of thing, unstructured blazers, or shirt-jackets, with a hint of lapel — a second layer with a nod to formality.

I rarely use grown-up structured tailoring. While I can’t help thinking a parka, jeans and sneakers belongs in Camden Market thumbing though Elastica CDs. I prefer the stuff in-between. Not smart enough for a wedding, a bit smart for the pub darts team — that’s my bullseye right there.

Such waffle brings me to this camel ‘hunting jacket’ from Sillage. It’s all sorts of wonky. But wonky in a way that makes me question what the fuck I’ve been doing with my life. I should have been wearing oddly cropped blazers like this for time. Look at that guy. It’s like looking in a mirror. Aside from the fact he’s Japanese, at least 20 years younger than me and has a full head of hair, we’re identical.

I’ve been fanboying (fanmaning?) over Sillage for a while. Followers’s of head-honco Nicolas “Yuthanan” Chalmeau’s Instagam will appreciate his adherence to a wide-trousered, big jacketed style. And they don’t come any wider or bigger.
From the front this jacket is strictly business, round the back it’s party time — albeit a hunting party. There’s a massive zipped poacher’s pouch round there. Spreadsheets up front, strangled badger on your back — that’s the new normal.

It’s teamed here with Sillage’s ‘Circular Pants’. They’re rendered in the same Italian Limota fabric as the jacket and style-wise, they certainly bear comparison with Needles HDs. They’re fucking massive — only the hardest of hardcore need apply.

Together it’s a suit, of sorts. The solemnity of formal dressing is recognised, before being savagely twisted into something exceptional. I love this look. I love what Sillage is doing. I’d be terrified to wear it myself, but a good terrified.

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