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Muscular anchors

This is a Kaptial Dungerees Work Shirt in indigo. It looks like my nieces have been at it with felt pens. It’s all embroidery though. Embroidery that appears to have come from the brain of a cat obsessed infant. There’s a sort of muscular anchor on there. And a speech bubble with no speech in it. That’s why this shirt isn’t a shirt, it’s an art work. It definitely is, because I don’t understand what it means. And that is the criteria for art right there.

This art work costs $678.00. If you were buying it in the UK of Kingdoms, it’d be £426.00. Dunno about you, but I think that’s quite a lot. I mean, I bought a print of Jango Fett wearing Comme des Garcons once and it only cost 45 quid. And that my brethren is art, no question.


This, however, is a shirt with crudely embroidered cats on it. It’s available for cat lovers or otherwise over at Union Made.


I hate cats. But, if I’m honest, I would totally wear this. And like, when people saw me in it and said, “you must really like cats?” I’d just say something cool like, “Miaow THIS motherfucker“, and punch them squarely on the nose.

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