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Then she turns round and she’s got a giant squirrel tail

Looking like the kind of intergalactic loungewear you’d see knocking around a Mos Eisley space-pub, comes this Tigre Brocante, quilted, denim, v-necked, press studded, jacketigan. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this exact garment on space-pub extras in Logan’s Run, Blake’s 7 and Buck Rogers too. They’re usually sucking on a bubbling drink with tentacles dangling out of it, while playing a table-top ‘game’, consisting of multi-coloured lights. There’ll be a normal looking girl watching. Then she turns round and she’s got a giant squirrel tail. Or robot legs. Or a knocker on her head. Space pubs, pah…


I not sure the frequency (or otherwise) of a bro’s interplanetary travel really comes into it. This garb works just as well on Earth. Perhaps, even better. Roll up at a Battle Beyond The Stars convention in this and the babies be going interstellar on your ass. And you just know, those sci-fi babies are all styles of hotness. I mean, have you ever met a girl queuing to meet the cast of Space 1999 who wasn’t stunning. I mean, once you discount the beard.

1601125_810794678971924_4849982401360500356_n 10653402_810794672305258_7163634203381895488_n

Also, just real quick on the Tigre Brocante tip. Cheers to the dudes over there for this shout out on their site. All good brothermen. You keep making the garms and I’ll keep finding excuses to mention Blake’s 7. Yes, I know you don’t know what that is. Don’t worry, it’s a good thing.


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