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More nonsense than completely no

Read it as a homage to Nicholson in The Last Detail, a signifier of racial harmony (akin to Seinfeld’s black and white cookie, only woolly) or perhaps more appropriately, just a nice warm coat? Either whichy-way, this heavy-duty peacoat from Fidelity, is a grandstanding choice for forcing the shivers to ‘do one’. 12932_fidelity-jacket-white-check-d1 Fidelity supply the US Navy and have been banging out no-nonsense outerwear from their factory in Boston, Massachusetts since 1941. Having said that, this is a bit more ‘nonsense’ than completely ‘no’. Believe, the titanic check going on here will get a bro scrutinised. 12932_fidelity-jacket-white-check-d3 But that’s the point. Every bell and his nan can buy a navy or grey peacoat. And you know what, if you wanna look like the king of John Lewis menswear, go for it my liege. But this rockabilly-picnic rug of a coat, is my pick of this season’s peas.  Beautifully made from wool melton and featuring those love ’em or hate ’em, authentic black anchor buttons, I’m all about how this check effectively modernises a coat style that’s felt a bit of a no-no for a few years. 12932_fidelity-jacket-white-check-d It’ll run you three and a half over at Present, which I think is a sane investment for versatile, talking-point warmer. So, like, set sail… or weigh anchor… or like, all aboard… or… whatever… [Insert your own lazy-ass  nautical fashion payoff here.]

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