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Talismans made of dung


As a menswearist, you might have heard of the dude in the picture. His name’s Hiroki Nakamura. He’s the boss of Visvim. He lives like that.

By ‘like that’, I mean… well I mean, just look at him. Look at his rig-out. To the untrained eye he looks like a vagabond. An ungodly fusion of some west country jeweler, flogging pagan trinkets whittled out of horn, a 70’s prog rock drummer and a rotter squatting outside Victoria station, begging for coins and fags, in a puddle of chilly piss.

And yet, see that denim he’s got on? It costs more than a bespoke suit from Huntsman.

If you don’t know Visvim, you’re probs on the wrong site. It’s high tier streetwear, at galactic level prices.  Even leaving the tricky fiscals to one side, the aesthetic is not everyone’s flavour. It’s double-folky. It’s so about the handcraftedness, the products sometimes look as though they belong on a harvest festival stall, sold between the jam sponge and the tombola.

You have to respect the dedication to the craft though. The materials used are second to none. Check this shirt…


That thing is made from the best cotton in the world. Literally, the best. It’s 100% Egyptian Giza cotton. Now, Egyptian cotton is world renowned and people often give it the big one if they’ve got Egyptian cotton sheets. Thing is, Egyptian cotton is very soft and silky in texture because it has long fibres and it’s usually handled by farmers, not machines. No pesticides are involved and no chemicals are used to clean the fibers – as is standard with pretty much all other cotton manufacture. But this shirt isn’t even just made of standard Giza cotton. It’s from a strain developed specifically by Visvim.

03-04-2014_visvim_juneauweldindigocheckshirt_d1_1  03-04-2014_visvim_juneauweldindigocheckshirt_d3_1 03-04-2014_visvim_juneauweldindigocheckshirt_d4_1


And you see those dangling things on the pocket? That’s deer skin strapping. Plus Visvim mother of pearl branded buttons. But then, I guess you’d expect something a little unusual for 405 pound coins. Yup, that’s a 400 quid blue shirt. With a big circle on it. And some laces.

Check this other Visvim S/S 14 kit and remember, there isn’t a piece here that costs less than 600 quid.

visvim1 Visvim_FBT_Seminole Visvim_Skagway_Denim_Patchwork

vis2 vis3 visvim-2013-fall-winter-ss-101-jkt-damaged-1


I’ve got to say, I’ve hardly ever seen anyone actually wearing Visvim. I don’t know… maybe I just don’t hang around the right places? But, what are the right places? Who the fuck lives like this? Is there a community somewhere? A place populated exclusively by mad-steez bros? All just lounging around on hammocks or or some shit, writing poetry, and sculpting talismans out of their own dung? Just drinking gin, smoking opium, and lying about admiring each others big chins? And of course, only wearing stuff that looks like they bought it at a Rodeo Drive craft market? Is there such a place? And why aren’t I there? I gots to get me some bongos.

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  1. heh

    egyptian cotton isn’t the best in the world… SEA ISLAND by WISICA is like no other cotton, from egyptian giza cottons only giza 70, 87, 88, 92, 92 and the best giza 45 has extra long staple. VISVIM doesn’t develope the cotton… 0_o

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