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A puffed-up goose


What’s with all the black clothing these days breh? It’s all gone power-monk round east London way. I’m not getting involved though. All those floaty black trousers and Dr Martens… The street-goth thing isn’t my ride. It’s a conscious decision on my part to ignore the black trend.  Because, let’s be clear, it is a trend. I just think it’s one I already lived through, during my personal Comme des Garçons and Margiela dominated 1980s and 90s.

Maybe fashion is moving away from me? It’s weird, but I think even that very concern is part of an odd masochistic pleasure, inexorably tied to the style game.  Whatever… I’m betting that navy blue is still the steez move. Betting 300 quid to be precise, on this brand new Engineered Garments coat.


Christ, look at my horribly smug expression. I do apologize, it wasn’t intentional.  I do get a bit balls-out awks when having my snaps done. The quietest street becomes immediately packed as soon as you start trumpeting around like a puffed-up goose. And everyone gawps, goggle-faced at the fuddled, bell-piece with the beard.


IMG_1499 IMG_1494 IMG_1492 IMG_1491

I’m pretty pleased with the coat. 300 monies for a half-lined cotton affair is a bit on the stiff side, no question. But this coat, along with my new Han Kjobenhavn jeans (with a neat strike of green selvedge) represent some pretty bassweight kit. And they’ll be solid go-tos throughout the summer season. I mean, unless this hipster-goth thing perpetuates, I fold under the social duress of not looking exactly like everyone else in the pub, and I find myself in Cheap Monday pricing up some shonky black denim. Of course, that won’t happen. Unless, that’s exactly what happens. Which it won’t be. Unless it does be.

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