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Big boy’s games with a little girl’s purse


Of course, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to be stylish. Of course, what I just said there was a lie. Of course, I don’t fully mean that last sentence either. Of course, I sort of mean the last one. I don’t really understand why.

In my view, a bro can get away with the odd pair of Gap khakis, a few Uniqlo basics and a shirt or three from Muji. But unless that bro ultimately weighs in on something that smells like Garbstore, Engineered Garments, Yuketen or Beams, in any galaxy of influential dudery, he’s always going to be Biggs Darklighter.

That said… even the most steezy brah sometimes finds himself without an assfull of lucci. Unnecessarily without the necessary. Trying to play the big boy’s games with a little girl’s purse.

So what does a dude do at a time like that? One word. Accessories. In an outfit that’s mostly old news, a well chosen accessory can add some much needed topicality. Freshen shit up brah. Get Frankenstein on those garms brotherman. Go all power-mod on that look. What I’m saying is, buy a scarf.

Buy this scarf…


Or, like totally, this one…


They’re Blue Blue Japan and on sale over at Anthem. They’ll set you back 45 monies, which isn’t bad. Take into consideration that Anthem say the Blue Blue collection is, “beautifully made and dyed clothing in natural fibers, unique fabrics and artisan wash processes.” You know, that sounds kind of like it’s worth the money on its own. Think about those words, “natural”, “unique” and my favourite, “artisan”. Don’t they just make you wanna drop 45 large on a bit of Japanese weave? I say weave, because the Anthem site doesn’t actually say what they’re made of. Cotton I’m guessing. Which admittedly, isn’t completely “unique”.

If even 45 would leave your purse of monies too light, what about these socks…


If there’s one thing you can say about them, it’s that they’re definitely socks. And if my eyes aren’t fooling with my mind, they’re white with a red circle on. You know, all Japany. They’ll wreck you 18.  Which is the same as a pint of milk probably, so stop scratching at your bumhole and point your browser here ways.

For me, this post about dealing with frugality, alongside the demands of stylish living, brings to mind the ancient Japanese proverb:

悪妻は百年の不作 花鳥風.

Which of course means, ‘a man who hesitates to invest in his wardrobe, is a right fucking wang piece.

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