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Look as tight as your purse strings


Women brag about how little they spent, men brag about how much they spent. Men are idiots. I guess it comes from our evolution as a gender – who’s got the longest spear, who can make fire the quickest, who can strangle the biggest mammoth? Well, I’ve never seen a mammoth, my lighter never works and as for my spear… it’s not that kind of site.

I’m a bit half rice half chips on this, in that I want to steer any conversation round to the fact that I’m wearing Han Kjøbenhavn (thus gaining premium brah respek) on the other hand, if I can get it in the sale, I’m all over that shiz.

A recent gander at the Post O’alls (Post Overalls to most) spring drops, presents an interesting quandary for the man about town who likes to keep his look as tight as his purse strings. Over at Garbstore they’re pushing this Post O’alls jacket…



It’s a great piece. Unlined, cotton, perfect for spring/summer wear and with a perfectly sized pattern that’s big enough for interest, while not being so large as to make the wearer feel like they’re off to a Captain Pugwash party. It’s on for £245. Thing is, take a look at this…




So it looks a little darker right? But I think that’s the photography. It’s also got a hood – that’s removable. Plus, it’s lined and has dark buttons rather than white. But everything else is the same – same style, fabric, pocket detail, the lot. In fact (un)arguably there’s more work and value in this jacket – hood and lining – than the other. But this one is over at End, in a good size range, at a sale price of £219. I might grab one off End. It might be too hot for summer wear, but, you know, 90% of the year it asses it down.


Whether you pay premium, or root around in the bargain bins, Post O’alls is a brand worth checking. It kicked off in 1993, and designer Takeshi Ohfuchi ‘s vision of authentic construction, heavily detailed and surprising fabrics remains. Taking inspiration from 20s,30s and 40s Americana, season after season he crafts beautiful and unique twists on workwear staples.





If you wanna check some PO for yourself, The Bureau and Garbstore have this season’s drops and I think End are still rocking last winter at a discount. If you wanna learn more, check out this cracking Juncture piece on the designer and brand. And if you find any kit that looks a bit like newer stuff, with some small differences, but fundamentally the same, but like, you know, a bit different, but not in a way that’s all that noticeable… let me know. Unless it’s not cheaper, in which case, you’re on the wrong sites brotherman.


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