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The art is you

Haven’t we all, at some point, hung around outside a London art gallery, wearing an assortment of imported menswear, attempting to convince passing patrons that the most exciting art isn’t in the gallery, but rather it’s you, it’s what you’re wearing? If I’m not eating,… Read More

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Indigo punctuation

There’s something about indigo in the sunlight. I understand that, scientifically speaking, most things are more visible when the sun’s shining. But the opulence, the profundity of colour that indigo dyeing affords, is really triggered for me under a cloudless sky. Which makes these Asahi… Read More

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A story, of sorts

Given the abundance of story telling in contemporary marketing, it’s all the more remarkable how few interesting stories there actually are to tell. When it comes to menswear, it’s all articulated sleeves, organic this and that and the contribution of some obscure team of weavers indigenous… Read More