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Toga: The void is never filled

I can’t keep up. At this point in the season new drops are falling like spilt cutlery; with every clang Google alerts me to some new piece, range, collaboration or brand.

I don’t know about you, but a couple of weeks back (during the bargain-bin period of the Summer sales) my ‘wants list’ had sunk to zero. It was a rare and refreshing feeling to be pining for nothing. I started to think about what I’ve already got. Dreaming up new ways to wear older favourites.

It didn’t last long.

New Needles suddenly appeared boasting giant paisley-patterned tracksuit tops. Studio Nicholson‘s power-pants presented again, this time in relaxing natural tones. Essential EG beanies over at Kafka, Online Ceramics at Dover Street… I want a new pair of Paraboots, but South2 West8 hasn’t even landed yet…

I’m back to chasing the dream. Looking to fill a void with something made of cloth and stitches.

Even as I write these words, I know it won’t work. The void is never filled. There’s always something else. It just so happens that, right this second, the something else is this insanely cool Shaggy Jersey Jacket by TOGA Virilis.

I’ve already started to convince myself that this jacket is more than just a thing of acrylic and wool. In spite of (or perhaps because of) its horrifying swing ticket, I’ve decided it’s a thing of total beauty and timeless style. A garment so potent, that years from now, during some yet to be conceived ‘drinks ‘n’ nibs’, someone will casually remark on its uniqueness and the £566 will be justified. 

Remember Sailor Ripley’s snakeskin jacket in Wild At Heart? I’m wondering if this could be my symbol of individuality and belief in personal freedom. After all, it’s not every day a piece boasts such a mix of texture and colour. You’ve got hairy bits, fleece bits, as well as regular knitted panels. Plus the front appears to be nicked from an MA-1. It’s schizophrenic is what it is  — a weirdly on-the-nose totem for the kind of multi-cultural dude who enjoys both JeanLuc Godard and Carry On at Your Convenience.

Whether this takes financial precedence over the mountain of other recently dropped pieces is an issue for my conscience and my Paypal account. Although, having said that, now I refresh the link, I can see the large has already sold out. I told you I can’t keep up.

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