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After Pray: Back to basics

I’ve just butchered our newly laid lawn. The rubbish old mower I used chewed up a large area before I’d even noticed. I then bought an extendable washing line, but it doesn’t extend far enough. Our new hose arrived yesterday. I doesn’t reach the bottom of the garden.

I’m starting to think I’m useless at everything except looking at clothes, buying clothes and wearing clothes. And recently, during an internal crisis around the appropriateness of Needles HD pants, I’m even starting to question that.

Hence today’s choice. Back to basics. A beautiful, straightforward, everyday piece. No one can go wrong with a collar like this. 

We’re looking at Korean imprint After Pray. Check out their brand site for twisted tailoring, some questionable long leather shorts and these polo shirts in green, brown, white and navy.

Called the ‘panel polo shirt’, they’re like a normal polo shirt, but elevated to such a degree to render normal polo shirts the stuff of oiks and urchins. Sure there’s the traditional pique cotton body in the mix, but look at that tricksy pocket detail and those hefty buttons.

But it’s the collar that murders for me. Substantial and serious, it’s the opposite of the kind of barely-there, curly jobs you typically see on a garment like this. It reminds me of old Lyle and Scott golfing shirts; the sort I’d lust after back in the 80s. But this version, all neatly navy and buttoned up will work with everything  — casually under an EG parka, or smartened up with a blazer for a summer wedding.

I may not know how to choose a washing line, but I know the perfect polo shirt when I see it.

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