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Beheavyer: Nomad swank with a splash of Zardoz

Why does no one stock Beheavyer over here? It’s got the oversized thing going on, the hidden zips, tone-on-tone palettes and bundles of loops to dangle carabiners from (even though no one ever does). It’s all perfect nomad swank with a splash of Zardoz. Seems to me they’d be a great fit for a store like This Thing of Ours.

And yet, Beheavyer has zero presence in the UK of Isles. I guess it’s got a stupid name. Beheavyer. Be heavyer. No one wants to be heavier? Plus, with brand’s like Goldwin, Eastlogue, Norbit, Snow Peak (and 50 others) chasing the backpack-bother’s dime, the competition is real. 

Still, in spite of (or probably because of?) Beheavyer’s absence from local outlets, I’m a fan.


Tell me this t-shirt doesn’t do it for you? And here it is is off-white.

It’s a piece is what it is.

Toggle at the hem, couple of different fabrics in the mix, the ‘all-important’ carabiner loops and a dinky zipper: what more does the pretend adventurer need? Nothing, that’s what. A garment like this will make any laptop-peering, cafe-dwelling, pseudo-outdoorsman look like he’d be straight up Scafell Pike if he didn’t have a hard deadline for twelve gifs.

You can grab them now over at I Am Shop or direct from Beheavyer for (if XE currency converter isn’t playing games) an absurdly reasonable 43 quids worth of pounds.

It goes without saying that, if at the time of reading there’s now a UK stockist, please feel free to reduce the credibility factor of everything I’m saying by around 35%.

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