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Needles: I like things and I won’t apologise

It’s about this time that thoughts turn to Christmas, specifically Christmas presents. More specifically the receiving of them. Giving’s okay, but let’s not pretend receiving isn’t the reason we all turn up. Watching your Dad open another posh Labour and Wait apron he didn’t ask for, and doesn’t need, is fun. But it’s just the warm-up act, an amuse-bouche before your own animalistic tearing can begin.

Of course, I’m out of step with the mood of the times. It’s all experiences these days, rather than things. But I don’t apologise, I like things, I want stuff. I want to send someone a link in November and unwrap precisely that thing on the 25th.

You might want to do the same with these trousers when you see the reduction in price.

As much as I prefer to support the indies, you can’t argue with 30% off Needles in November. That’s what’s happening at Liberty right now. These trousers were £235.00 and now they’re £141.00. I don’t mind telling you I’ve forwarded the link to my girl already, marked ‘urgent’.

As regular readers will know, I own a couple of pairs of Needles’ notorious HD pants and I’ve often mentioned the trial and error that comes with pulling them off. In the Nepenthes lookbook there are never any pictures showing kids pointing and laughing at the dude in the giant pants. But these aren’t HD pants. Or are they?

According to Liberty they’re, “loose fit chinos”  — they seem to go straight up and down, without the tricky curved bloat of an HD. But is that just the way they’ve been styled? Why do they look so cropped, my HDs aren’t cropped like that?

HDs or otherwise, they’re definitely a cool looking, baggy-as-bananas chino. As far as I’m concerned, they’re in Santa’s sack already. You might also remember that I’ve previously leched after the checkerboard sweater in the pictures too and it’s down from £310 to £186. Come Festivus morn I’m going to be dressed identically to the bro in the pics. Just without the Clarks. Yuketen’s obvs.

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