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Comfy Outdoor Garment: I want a bubble made of moisture wicking, quick drying fleece

Interest in Japanese outfitters Comfy Outdoor Garment seems to be growing  — at least in my digital echo chamber. Championed in the UK by Manchester till-ringers This Thing of Ours, the brand offers urban technical, acid rambler style kit. Mountains of drawcords, zippers, quick drying fleeces, micro ripstop and breathable waterproofness. It’s vibe somewhere between a dystopian free-climb and a saucer-eyed Balearic session. Top one, etc…

This Thing of Ours are hyping this cyber-top as their favourite piece of the season, and no doubt, it’s a power choice. But for some reason I can’t stop feeling this Ribenary fleece.

I expect it’s the survivalist in me. Aside from that delicious colour, I think I’d feel safe in this thing’s tufty embrace. Cosy certainly, but also somehow protected from our idiotic political overlords and their clownish attempts to fathom this plague. Other people can have their ‘bubbles’ of six (is it even six anymore?) I just want a bubble made of moisture wicking, quick drying fleece.

I’m sure it would be ideal for walking, or ice climbing, or whatever people get up to in the out of the doors, but it’s cold on my sofa right now. I just want this to make me warm doing what I do; primarily sitting, typing and sighing. And if it achieves that, while also making me look like Violet Beauregarde then all the better.

You can’t really avoid the colour of the thing. It’s like the interior of a Mr Kipling apple and blackcurrant pie. I want to tip a can of Ambrosia on this bad boy and chew its fucking arms off.

You can check out more from Comfy Outdoor Garment over at their Tokyo base camp, Lost Hills. But I’m happy enough This Thing of Ours are successfully pimping these goods here in Brexitland. In fact I see they’ve also just received a drop from Japanese snow-likers Goldwin which is worth a look too. Good news then. At least for those hoping to protect themselves from imminent societal collapse via the medium of niche Japanese casual wear.

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